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AFIQ TECH COMPUTER was registered in 2013, we have served ICT solutions for everybody.

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be our members, partners & more benefits. we want to honour & share with our clients more.

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get discount for every services with us.

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as members, you will be able to offer service discount as a gift & you will be rewarded with cash.


claim gift from us everytime you recommend us to 5 new clients with purchasing.

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you will be rewarded in cash up to 10th level, by 3 recommendations you will get 59,049 of which RM1 per person (with membership purchasing)


your registered recommendation or members will be your downline, your customer & your group. you will earn in cash transactions of their purchasing. 

big market

we are expanding our access nationwide through our partner, we are available at Kelantan, Johor, Kuala Lumpur & Negeri Sembilan.

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we have the expertise & knowledge in repairing

new computer

new computer

we have new laptop and desktop. we carry various brand.

software installations

software installation

installations for your new computer. we provide installations.
We want the best solutions for our clients, don't forget to join our membership program, it is free for our client or RM31.50 membership fee lifetime.

Muhammad afiq mohamad

owner & founder